Each Day

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Poems come with envelopes on sturdy card stock.

All poems are framed on a High Gloss Marble-like Wooden Plaque.

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Lord, let me rise in the morning with thanksgiving
And joy , For through the night you've kept me
From tragedy and harm.

Lord let me start each day
with meditation on you
Knowing you will be with me
All the day through.
And as I meet others
Keep a smile upon my face.
Help me to love..........
As you've done through your grace

Help me to not be
Since others' shoes
I've not walked in.

Let me show through words and
actions, what it means to be
a friend.

Let me give words of encouragement
To those who are in need
Lord, use me as your vessel
Use me, as you please.

And if I meet a challenge
As I travel on my way
Let me look, at once to you Lord
And from your promises, LET NOT,
My mind stray.

For, I know
No Matter how hard the battle
No matter
How cold the way may seem
For you'll be with me to the end.